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The Journey of James Marie: Part 1

Posted by Robyn Clark on

The Journey of James Marie is a compilation of blogs written for our customers to allow a glimpse of our journey from the very beginning to now.  With each blog there will be a lesson to be learned.  The lessons that we are sharing apply to any and everyone.  No matter where you are in life or what is it you do, we hope that you are able to take these lessons and apply them accordingly. 

We love feedback so please share how our stories impact you.

The Beginning:

Hey, this is Robyn, owner and CEO of James Marie Boutique.  Let's take a walk through the journey of James Marie, starting with how it was founded by me.  In 2007, while walking through the beautiful Georgetown area of Washington, DC my boyfriend and I passed a clothing boutique.  We walked in and it was super cute with items that I had not seen anywhere else.  The pieces were definitely exclusive and chic.  As we walked out of the store I stated, "I am going to own a boutique and name it James Marie."  When I originally said that I did not realize it would actually become reality.  A little background behind the name, my middle name is Marie and his middle name is James put them together and you get, James Marie.  Although I made that statement in 2007, I never acted on James Marie until 2015. Yes, 8 years later.  Some of my excuses were, it will be too hard, I do not know where to start, I do not have a following, the boutique business is really becoming too oversaturated, and that list goes on and on.  Finally, in 2015, I started researching, how to start a website, how to market a business, how to start a boutique.  I researched high and low and finally decided that since the boutique business was just way too oversaturated, I would start a Consignment boutique. My initial launch was as a Consignment boutique.  Here I am again overthinking and not jumping into what I really wanted to do. I spent a few months operating as a Consignment boutique when I had an idea to have both a Consignment boutique and an actual boutique with new items, but I never acted on it.  I had notebooks and notebooks full of ideas and notes that I saved from my research but no action.  It wasn't until the summer of 2016 when my boyfriend went and made James Marie Boutique official with an LLC that I decided to really go for it.  I put all that research to the test, and I started.  In March of 2017, I finally launched my website, 10 years after I first spoke it.

The lesson here is to just go for it. 

Stop Overthinking!

Stop Making Excuses! 

Stop Stopping and just START!!! 

To be totally transparent, I often think what if I would have started in 2007? Where would I be now? But I understand that starting in 2007 was not my journey but starting in 2017 was.

Thanks for reading.



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