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Thankful for Affirmations

Posted by Robyn Clark on

Affirmations - Powerful positive statements that help you overcome self sabotaging and negative thoughts.  

Affirmations remind us of who we are.  Playing affirmations over and over in your head while meditating or repeating them aloud while standing in a mirror will increase your performance, boost your self confidence, and enhance your vibrations.  You will see positive changes in your life.  

Affirmations for the Black Woman: As a double minority in a harsh world, we sometimes need a reminder of who we are.  The affirmations listed below remind us of who we are and who we have the potential to be.  On this day of Thanksgiving, while breaking bread with family and friends, remind them of who they are by sharing these powerful affirmations.

Affirm today and everyday by repeating the below Affirmations:

I am a Powerful Black Woman!

I am an Intentional Black Woman!

I am a Magical Black Woman!

I am a Resilient Black Woman!

I am an Unapologetic Black Woman!


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