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Sandals: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall

Posted by Robyn Clark on

Here at James Marie we are firm believers in wearing sandals through all four seasons. Hey, sometimes an outfit just calls for a sandal. Quite frankly we just don’t believe that sandals were created for the summer and the summer only. There are so many outfits that come together better with a sandal then with any other style shoe and many women are willing to take the risk. 

Thankfully someone created the sandal + sock trend!! And we are soooo grateful!! This trend actually crosses many shoe categories. For example, you have the sock + pump and sock + bootie trend but of course our ultimate favorite is the sock + sandal. This is a look that must be pulled off right or it can go all wrong; there is definitely a fine line. But see the thing is, although we love this trend there are times when we diss the socks and go straight commando (well underneath our sandals) no matter the forecast. The bottom line is some outfits just call for a sandal.  I’ll be that girl that took the risk of wearing a sandal to an event in the middle of a snowstorm. 

Ladies, what are your thoughts on sandals through all four seasons?


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