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Retail Therapy versus Retail Anxiety

Posted by Robyn Clark on

For us at James Marie, shopping is truly a form of therapy. It eases the mind and soul for us while for others it’s the exact opposite. I’ve actually had the opportunity to meet some women that absolutely, positively dislike shopping. The very thought of looking through racks and racks of clothing increases their anxiety rather than acting as a method of therapy.

We can’t help but to wonder what it is that women with Retail Anxiety dislike about shopping (if you can identify, let us know in the comments).

I can tell you when I shop I usually have a strategy. Some of my strategy to shopping includes: knowing what I’m looking for (dress, jeans, etc), identifying the stores that carry the items I’m looking for, wearing something comfy and easy to remove for trying on (trying on is a must, it’ll save you time and money in the long run), and lastly remaining optimistic.

For my ladies that love shopping, keep on shopping. For my ladies that dislike shopping, find a friend that loves it and ask how they can help or contact us. We would love to help.

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